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How To Make Company Expertise Available

Companies which demand complex competencies often struggle to draw up a functional, organizational Knowledge & Talent Management.


Established solutions simply do not meet the current workplace requirements anymore:

  • Knowledge, employees and contact names change rapidly
  • Manually compiled employee profiles are time-consuming and very divergent
  • Contextual information (“Who made use of which method under which circumstances with which customer?”) are mostly completely missing

Therefore, we developed our ExpertFinder.

Our approach:

The ExpertFinder extracts the knowledge of employees from different data sources and transfers it in a detailed, contextual way into the competence profiles of employees. The profiles are maintained automatically so that they are always up to date. Our semantic algorithm associates your employees’ knowledge with relevant topics within your branch. In this way, complex knowledge and knowledge-based skills become visible in a clear way. Data sources, competence models and presentation features will be adapted to the specific needs of your company – your employees’ competencies will become visible and usable across locations.


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